Content Marketing Strategies For 2020

The advantages of content marketing are infinite that starts with getting customer’s attention to the successful growth of increasing sales leads and revenue. You can get more results of your content marketing plans by increasing the number of customers, to have a massive crowd on social media, try services from TikViral, which can provide your desired followers. Success can be measured with the Quality of leads, Website traffic, Sales, Engagement, Successful SEO, and extended reach and brand awareness. The saying is 100% true, and it will live until marketers exist in the world. “CONTENT IS KING.”

User-generated Content

User-generated content is considered more influential than content posted from brands, for instance, Instagram for tourism marketing has generated the most engagement rate with UGC posts. The year 2020 is going to lift the value and importance of UGC. Contents are not only a way to get your customers engaged, but it has tremendous advantages by generating leads. Getting services will also be an added advantage, so buy TikTok likes and other Instagram services and gain more audience. The successful UGC can be in any format, and an honest review and feedback from customers are much more valuable for a brand.

The Constant Rise Of Visuals

Video is an essential element of digital marketing because a picture can speak a thousand words, and people feel visuals are the most comfortable medium to grasp any information. The human brain can process visual data quicker than textual data. So the goal is to create a memorable and compelling marketing strategy that attracts customers. The effort to watch a video from a brand means that the customer is more likely to purchase the product. People prefer visuals to learn more about a product than textual catalogs or product manuals. According to a study, 80% of people switch Google search to watch a video on social media when browsing a product, and half of the buyers stated that visual has helped to buy a specific product. 

Content Analysis

For an enhanced marketing plan, always make sure that you have enough data and analytics of your previous content. The audit must include your best and low performed content, reach of keywords, frequency of posting, and rankings. These metrics can help you to measure impacts and also where you need to focus more on the forthcoming year. The more you are aware of your content performance, the more you can learn and correct your flaws. This can output the advantages and disadvantages of your strategy. 

Conversational Marketing

Personalized and target-based conversations are the core of conversational marketing in a real-time environment. Brands have realized its importance and impacts that gave birth to chatbots. This is a piece of software that can handle customer queries and generate leads through personalized marketing activities, including product suggestions, capturing customer’s purchase behaviors, and developing an array of subscribers. The significant benefits of these bots are around the clock availability and ability to capture and process data instantly without human assistance. Chatbots are capable of responding to a customer query with pre-programmed responses, which assures customer satisfaction and reliability towards a brand. One to one conversations can help you to find the target audience effectively. For this reason, conversational marketing is going to be one of the notable content marketing trends in 2020. 

Conversational marketing has many phases, including email marketing, 24/7 customer support, customer success programs, marketing through messaging apps, chatbots, and so on. The future of conversational marketing is Artificial Intelligence, where chatbots can replace humans entirely, and this is short to accomplish.

Voice Search Marketing

 Voice search has a considerable impact on searches on Google. 50 % of all searches are made through voice data instead of typing it. Make use of featured snippet that answers your question directly from a website that is on the top of SERPs rankings, also referred to as an “answer box.” Use global keywords such as near me, the best, how to like words that fetch details directly from a site. You need to pay attention to the “also searched” section to be present on relevant searches. There are two ways to organize your data for voice search using “schema markup language” has no impact on rankings, but it can be used to optimize your website for voice search.

Another way to make your content ready for voice search is using “Structured language” that takes care of content visibility.


Always make sure that your content marketing strategy is worth spending time and effort on. Just a tweak in your marketing approach can be a great success. For that, you need to be aware of how effective your contents are and its capability to drive leads. Auditing or measuring your progress can be the point where you need to execute plan B.