Creative TikTok Ads To Drive Marketing

As one of the highly preferred apps of 2020 by marketers and holding around 800 million dynamic followers, it’s time for small brands, organizations to practice marketing in TikTok. The outcomes of a well-targeted campaign in TikTok led by organizations include improved sales, buy TikTok likes for posts, gathered traffic to the official webpage of business; assist in launching a new product in a short span of time.

Easy-To-Use Ads

TikTok Ads provides the brands to form targeting, creation methods, insights, and ad campaign tools. TikTok Ads are more influential than other social media platforms; however, easy-to-use channels for companies and brands to advertise among millions of followers around the world.

Like the Ad Manager Tool on Instagram, TikTok’s marketing channel-tools program the method of forming, providing, and optimizing the ads. The brands can also target their viewers based on gender, age, interest, location, and other exceptional variables.

Close to Instagram and Facebook’s Ad Manager, TikTok brand advertisers can also form “Custom Audiences” and “Lookalike Audiences” to influence new followers to promote brand presence.

  1. In-Feed Ads In general, these video ads appear amid follower videos. The followers usually scroll through the “For You” page in TikTok, where it consists of in-feed advertisements posted by brands. Brands can create super innovative In-Feed Ads, and they can include a call-to-action link or button to drive sales. In-feed video ads are formed around 9 to 15 seconds. The pros of placing a call-to-action create more engagement between brands and followers. For instance, advertisers can inspire users to shop now with offers, download product app, or visit the brand’s page right from TikTok.
  2. Brand Takeover one of TikTok’s best ad methods for gathering mass brand presence and increasing direct sales as brands can show their information right before the targeted audience on the platform. The brand takeover ads appear at both the opening page of TikTok users and the” For You” page as GIFs, videos, or images — comprising a clickable link navigating followers to the brand’s page or a hashtag Challenge inside TikTok. Brand Takeover Ads are special to leading organizations. TikTok allows particular Takeover ads per day to appear inside the app.
  3. TopView Ads is a different advertising strategy that is modified from Brand Takeovers ads. While opening the app, Instead of a brand takeover ad, the TopView Ads appears first as an in-feed ad for around 3 seconds to users in TikTok.
  4. Organic Hashtag Challenge Similar to the average hashtag trends and contests on TikTok, Branded Hashtags Challenges provide both organic and supported chances for brands to drive higher sales. Branded hashtags challenges are the best marketing strategy for advertisers to promote user-generated content and form brand awareness. This strategy introduced the influence for brands to co-operate and effortlessly take part in the TikTok community by forming influencer marketing campaigns. When a follower clicks over the sponsored hashtag, users will be driven towards the brand’s landing page on TikTok placed along with the product logo, link to their page, brief introduction of the contest, and followers can create popular videos to post along with branded hashtags. Thus branded hashtags drive more engagement from different regions of the world.
  5. Branded EffectsTikTok currently provides branded shareable filters, AR filters, lenses, and stickers and inside their promotion process. Like Snapchat’s exclusive lens, TikTok’s branded effects let marketers customize the content of brands to advertise in the campaign using filters and special effects. Branded Effects can be alive for around ten days inside the app. It is a perfect strategy to inspire a large number of followers to act together with the brand, similar to hashtag challenges directly.

TikTok Ads Cost Determine ROI

TikTok Ads are new to advertising. The organizations and marketers are still analyzing more strategies in the platform to advertise and so numbering out the average profits or return on investment (ROI) to determine campaign outcomes.

Brands can organize a free TikTok Ads profile and post In-Feed ads of their own budget and program. Presently, TikTok’s maximum campaign financial plan is $500, and the minimum ad plan is $50 for marketers.

At this stage, TikTok is a sensational social platform for businesses in specific niches, directing a certain range of followers. But marketers have more chances of increasing followers to the brand through organic content promotions.