Instagram dislikes its own ‘likes’

Instagram has begun its test on hiding likes on Instagram starting from Canada followed by Brazil, Ireland, and the USA. The move has gained much attention only after Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram has indicated to expand the testing to the USA. Earlier, the hiding of likes and video views have garnered mixed reaction in Canada where it began. Some people went gaga over the move whereas others fumed their angst in social platforms. Few opined that the move will help them relieve from the obsession for likes and so they can be less conscious about their posts and they can try experimenting with new posts pointing that there will be no likes to validate their posts. This clearly shows that how likes have mounted pressure, especially among the young age groups who might have weaved a sigh of relief on knowing this move. Many common users have expressed that they feel relieved with this move so that they can upload posts without the fear and anxiety for likes. This means that the move will open the doors for a wide range of posts in the mere future as likes will not hamper them until the testing gets over. Likes are the major parameter to assess the social stardom among common people whereas it lost its lustrous from many marketers a while ago. Many celebrities have also expressed their dissent against the move by Instagram. 

The move is considered to be significant as it has opted for such decision when it is gearing to grab the spot of Facebook as the most used social media platform. As the move is in its trial version Instagram is expected to evaluate the response of the public at the end of the trial period based on which it is expected to make its further proceedings. Though Instagram has noted that move to hide likes is to ‘depressurize’ the mounting burden on the youngsters, a considerable number of young age groups have expressed their dissent that they would be switching to other social media applications if Instagram decides to hide likes. They also have noted that likes are the catalyst that drives them to stay active on this visual platform. Many opined that it is meaningless to stay on this social platform if Instagram permanently hides the likes. 

However, some have mentioned that they can experiment with new posts without being conscious of the likes. Some have voiced that it will drive more people to the visual platform and pointed it as part of Instagram’s strategy to outgrow its peers. People also note that the announcement by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram have only increased its reach without spending a single penny in advertising pointing that it will eventually drive new people to Instagram. 

Some have pointed out that the move has enabled them to concentrate more on the content they make on the visual platform rather than craving for likes. This was the same expressed by Adam Mosseri when he spoke on the trail for hiding likes. Thus, based on the views from people it is acceptable to a certain extent that the hiding of likes can make people concentrate more on the content they make which can turn the platform into content-centric in the mere future. 

The change is also regarded as part of their strategy to retain their spot as many new social media platforms are making their entry among which few have begun to garner a considerable sum of people. Marketers have noted that the decision is unexpected and came like a lightning strike to them. Some of the celebrities have stated that they will be on Instagram no longer if Instagram decides to remove likes permanently. This clearly shows that they consider likes as the major metrics to measure their popularity. On the other hand, Instagram is expected to come up with a new feature as a replacement for likes to make people stay with the visual platform. Instagram views have gained more popularity than Instagram Likes. Trollishly, an active social media service provider offers effective services for each individual, both businesses and personal profiles to get benefit from Instagram marketing. Brands often prefer to buy Instagram Views to increase their profile engagements. Thus, the move is also regarded as the part of Instagram’s measure to experiment with innovations in its visual platform which can provide a completely new experience to the users. 

However, Instagram has made it clear that it has not decided to hide likes permanently yet through which it is evident that further moves will be made only based on feedback from the users globally. Thus, people who are obsessed with likes on Instagram can now heave a sigh of relief.