Instagram Trends And Features That Takeaway Online Marketing Strategy

With more than one Billion active users monthly and tons of new features and tools, Instagram is the most effective social media platform for brands to sell, grow, and build their brands. The Instagram profile is becoming just as important as the homepage of the website where more people turn to Instagram instead of Google to search for their favorite brand.

With so many features, style, design, and more it can be difficult to know what is currently popular on Instagram. It is important to stay on top trends on Instagram which would make or break Instagram strategies. Businesses that keep up the top trends can take advantage of new features ahead of their competitors.

Social media is moving very fast, what worked last week might not work for next week. You have to keep up the top trends and features on Instagram so that you can feel confident in your Instagram marketing strategies.

1. Authentic Content

Authenticity is an important aspect of a successful Instagram brand presence. Businesses achieving success on Instagram can be found on both authenticity and perfection.

How a brand is called authentic on Instagram?

Authenticity means true to your personality or spirit and it is important when people decide what to buy. Create more brand authenticity in hands with Wooxie. It points to a major opportunity for brands to connect with their audience through an Instagram presence that feels less styled and more authentic.

Influencers and more brands are stepping out of their comfort zone; sharing unfiltered, honest content to their feeds and stories.

2. IGTV Views

Now IGTV supports both vertical and horizontal video.

Instagram has opened up IGTV horizontal videos in an effort which lowers the barrier for individual publishers, video creators, and brands to post long for video.

Marketers have focused more on short-form videos that they can run as ads in the Instagram main feed, stories feed and as well as across other platforms which would create more robust advertising opportunities.

3. AR Effect On Instagram Stories

Now third parties can also create their own custom AR filters on Instagram

Businesses have to find creative ways to build and share their own brand on Instagram stories. Augment Reality has enormous potential as a marketing tool that creates unique and creative ways to promote your brand with interactive content.

This is an exciting opportunity for artists, brands, influencers, and every people to get creative. Brands have an amazing new tool at their disposal for advertising and promoting themselves on Instagram which also helps them learn how to make their imagination a reality using Augment Reality.

4. Animations In Instagram Stories

Add eye-catching animations to Instagram stories!

Grab your audience’s attention and stop them from swiping past your stories. When a lot of people tend to speed tap their way through Instagram stories, viewers are much more likely to stop and watch when a flashy, moving animation catches their eye.

5. Stories Highlights

Instagram stories are outstanding, will disappear after 24 hours.

With the Instagram stories highlights features, you can save your best stories and keep them on your Instagram account as long as you need it. Your followers and audience will be able to see your stories highlights at the top of your profile.

Create stories to promote your brand, promote events, and promote specific products that explain what your business and drive people to see them

6. Buying In Instagram

More than 70% of Instagram users utilize Instagram to search for the latest brands.

Instagram introduced product tags in feed posts, product stickers, and a shopping feed through the explore tab. Instagram’s shopping feature allows followers to buy products directly which will make them more likely to buy from your brands.

If you want to sell a product you can advertise on the Instagram platform and buyers click a link to buy it from your website.


Instagram is becoming more exciting for Instagrammers and Brand Marketers. If you are new to Instagram marketing buy TikTok views services and get user engagement in a short span of time. Instagram provides more ways to promote and sell your brand, create exciting content. Make use of these Instagram trends and features to get your audience engaged, gain more followers, gain more credibility and create a successful business platform.